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We believe that beach volleyball can be a great way to obtain the college dream. Our aim is to help you identify your personal goals, design a program that fits your needs and guide you through every fundamental, every workout. Our holistic approach to beach volleyball will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.


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We teach and develop beach volleyball players to love the game and seize the opportunity to play in college.






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From the South Bay to the Valley, Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club spreads their love of sand volleyball and wants to take it a step further. Since their debut in 2015, co-founders Jesse Webster and Josh Cannon have built a home for local aspiring beach volleyball players.

“We are open to players of all different levels and experience” Cannon said. “Not only are our players developing the skills necessary to succeed, we also try to keep our practices positive and encouraging.”

One of the most important and present qualities in HBVC practices is the supportive environment. In beach volleyball, positive energy between players on the court can play a big role in the outcome of the game.

“Every time I come to practice, I know that I will be entering a fun yet competitive environment. This uplifting energy keeps me going to the very end of each training,” says player Alexis Symons.

Encouraging teammates before, during, and after game play is fundamental for every player. The HBVC staff makes sure to teach their kids the importance of positivity in each practice, incorporating a motivating style of coaching. There are five coaches that help make up this supportive core of the HBVC program.

From the beginning, head coach Jesse Webster has always been set on two key factors: positivity and getting players noticed by college coaches. Webster runs his practices on the basis of mechanics, defensive/offensive strategies, player evaluations, and anticipation, all in preparation for higher level game play. Assisted by coach Dave Callis at the Simi Valley practices, the two work to construct high level strategic planning for every player, earning hundreds of medals over the past 3 years.

Co founder Josh Cannon is the head coach for the new boys program at HBVC. This program grew organically, establishing the first boys club in the south bay without the initial intention of doing so. Cannon also coaches for Redondo Union High School and utilizes a progressive coaching style. Starting with one simple skill at the beginning of each practice, Cannon then builds upon the technique with a series of fun yet productive drills.

Along with Webster and Cannon, Coach Cody Cowell brings yet another style to the table. Cowell’s method of coaching relies on the foundation of self awareness, self correction, and adaptability. Allowing the player to see for themselves what they can improve on helps them grow in both their personal play and in their understanding of the game.

Last but not least is Laynie Thompson, a new coach here at HBVC who graduated from Cal State Fullerton. Thompson played for the volleyball team at Fullerton after becoming the number one pair with her partner at El Camino College. Laynie likes to focus on the fundamentals of the game and emphasizes the importance of having fun in the process.

One of the main goals of Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club is to aid players in their journey to collegiate level volleyball. In recent years, the club has helped in the recruitment process of numerous players. The students vary from Camille Lee of the University of Utah, Emilee Hall of Vanguard University, Maddie Halleen of Marymount University, Jordyn Bonitz of El Camino College, Alex Omaszta of Concordia, Marlee Jasso of Corban University, and Alexis Symons of Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Each of these players have reaped the benefits of the HBVC program and their variety of effective coaching styles.

 The club has numerous social media accounts by which they post videos of all their players, promoting them to different college coaches. These accounts are followed by many of the colleges that have beach programs, fostering the exposure of all the club’s players. HBVC has access to hundreds of college coaches’ contacts that they are able to send highlight videos to instantly, including the film taken during practices.

“My hope for the future is to give all of my players the opportunity to play in college and perform well at the collegiate level. I want to inspire all players to follow their dreams and work hard to reach their goals for the upcoming years” says Jesse Webster.

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